Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Morris County Children's Home

It is sad to see three and four children from one family in the Morris County Children's Home, ca 1910-1920. Or is it good that they at least were still together? In some cases (the Miller family, 1895) some family members are in the County Alms House and the little one is in the Children's Home. And no, it wasn't scarlet fever that created the need for the children's cemetery (Littleton Rd, near the fire house, now), it seems to have been croup and diptheria. The County Children's Home operated from 1882-1929, when foster home placement became the norm. The organization lasted until 1974 as a placement and aid society. It's final trustee chief was the Rev. Thomas Mutch, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown from 1936-1966.
Picture by Richard Hrazanek, 2002

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jobs & Career Accelerator

New database, from the NJ State Library and a jobs grant: Jobs & Career Accelerator/Learning Express allows you to take practice tests and software lessons (Excel, Viseo, PowerPoint, etc.). Register (free) to set up your own work space to save those practice exams or come in and use the library's login if you just want to try out the product, first. For home use, contact the Reference desk (973-285-6969 or e-mail ) for the password.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MCL on your cell

What's your preferred method of keeping up with library events and programs while on the road?

or, use our micro web for your cell.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Meet Geomate Jr, available at the Music & Media desk for a 14-day loan, so you can try geocaching, the GPS assisted scavenger hunt for caches left by folks out and about in open, public spaces. There are 3,101 of these "geocaches" within striking distance of Whippany, alone, including one 331 ft from the front door of the library. (See getting started with geocaching for information. We also have books about geocaching.)

This device from LLBean is preloaded with 250,000 geocache locations, allowing you and your family to try out seeking and finding. Wear sturdy clothes, for you might end up tromping through brush and bush; sign and date the log in the cache when you find it; if you take something from the cache, put something in its place; and always, always put the cache back where you found it, for those who come after you. For more information and a list of local caches, visit They estimate there are currently 997,008 active caches, 3-4 million worldwide, and were 2,097,268 cache log sign-ins in the last thirty days. Have fun!