Monday, January 06, 2014

Zinio: digital magazines

Welcome to 2014 and your library's subscription to 50 digital magazines you can download to tablet, smartphone or PC. To take advantage of the Zinio service:
1. Go to Zinio Morris subscription page; log in with your library card number.
2. Create new account (remember this email and'll use it again!)
3. Review and check out your magazine issues (See link for checkout under each issue)
4. Scroll to bottom of page to get the Zinio app you need, for Android, IOS or the Zinio Reader for your computer. (Kindle Fire instructions here.)
5. In the Zinio app or reader set up account again (this is your Zinio account, first one was your subscription account). Avoid confusion? use same username and password both times.

Now! whenever you log into the Zinio app or reader tap My Library and you'll see the magazine issues you borrowed, available for reading. Questions or problems? Let us know. It's a new service and we're all learning together. Thanks.