Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IDing new businesses

Reference has just been asked: how do I identify new businesses in the area? There are several sources:
  1. Search County Clerk's filings, document type search for TN (tradename), specifying the date range you want. Return includes name(s) of the principal and the incorporation document, which ID's type of business, location, etc. (We've also used searches for tradename surrenders to locate business space availability, as where a pizza parlor might be available for take over.)
  2. NJ Business Gateway, Division of Revenue, Dept of the Treasury, sells tradename records. Do a tradename/service mark search, specifying your date range. You can purchase the list online, from the state ($4.17, for 119 filings Jan. 1-Mar. 1, 2013.)
  3. Use ReferenceUSA, in our remote services page. Do a Custom Search, use Special Selects/years in business plus any geography or business type you might want. Since this search does not include cyber- or homebased businesses the list is miniscule compared to the state and county government lists.
Contact the reference desk if we can help with any of this.

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